Cynde Keating Clanton Creek Winterset

Cynde Keating is the owner and founder of Clanton Creek O&H. She developed her company to meet a need that she noticed, in the market, when buying oils and herbs for her own recipes and explorations. She found that very few companies sold sample sizes of essential oils or herbs. In her experience, purchases were made in rather large amounts. After purchasing a minimal amount, the product was not what she expected or there was too much and the product was wasted. So Cynde created Clanton Creek Oils & Herbs, with the idea of products in sample amounts so that clients can try before buying in larger quantities.

Clanton Creek Oils & Herbs wants to be your shop for resources on how to use essential oils and herbs, herbal teas, herbs, spices, and DIY bottles, containers, and accessories. We can provide you with what you need to get started.