The use of essential oils and herbs has recently become very popular for aromatherapy and their physiological effects on the human body. From lavender for stress reduction to orange oil for energy levels, evidence shows that responsibly using essential oils and herbs can be a part of a safe and effective strategy to help manage symptoms of merely living life!


Through research, Clanton Creek Oils & Herbs discovered a wide range of potency in essential oils—some that are more like the essence of an oil and some that are very potent. When creating your blends, the decision on which essential oil brand to purchase and fits your needs depends on how you plan to use the oil and your budget.

Clanton Creek has discovered many high-quality oils are available to purchase, and it is not necessary to become a club member, sign up for monthly minimums, or pay a fortune for “therapeutic grade.” The oils that Clanton Creek uses are high-quality and organic certified.


Clanton Creek prefers some brands of oils for specific blends. We started with one well-named company in the beginning. Since then, we have branched out to various companies for essential oil use. Currently, we recommend Starwest, a company that has been in business for a long time. They offer good quality organic or non-organic oils at a fair price.

Clanton Creek Oils & Herbs carry a small inventory of oils, and plans are to expand our stock in the future. If you would like a particular oil, just message us, and we can order it for you.


Discover more about using essential oils and herbs by ordering either or both of the books below. We suggest that they are the best way to get started.

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